"Art possesses an emmense power
to engender change"
- Shirin Neshat

A little about me

Most of my life I believed I could not draw, paint, or do anything artistic.  Way back then, my art consisted of doodles and stick figures.  In 2014 I decided to take a risk and study Visual Art.

In the journey of learning and creating Art I discovered so much more; It helped me to find inner stillness, and silence from outer daily life stress and demands.  Taught me to trust my intuition, speak my truth, and be brave in the face of criticism and cynicism.  Heal through trying times in life when I have felt stressed, depressed, rejected, grief, lost, hopeless, and lonely.  

Art has had a profound effect on my life;  Discovering my inner artist has brought the greatest inner peace, self-love and immense joy.  

I hope you take that first courageous step towards trying your hand at creating art at BRAVE Art. It will lead you to discover your own unique artistry but more importantly, you will begin a journey towards uncovering your own sense of peace, self-love, happiness and healing.  All you need to do is open your heart and be brave.



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